An incredibly beautiful ceremony cannot guarantee a good marriage, but pre-marital counseling can help. Counseling is not about whether or not you should marry one another; it's about how to get the best out of marriage--right from the start. For this reason I recommend, and provide, pre-marital counseling for all of the couples that I help. I have more than 11 years of experience as a pastor and marriage officiant and see this couseling as a chance for each member of the couple to learn more about him or herself and about the patterns in long-term committed relationships.

I offer a pre-marital counseling package of four 1.5 hour sessions. In the sessions we will discuss basic issues of commitment (such as communication, finances, family, etc.) and how to work through expectations of those issues. Couples will also have the opportunity to map out their family system through a genogram, aiding them in knowing how much their families-of-origin can impact their relationships. 
Pre-marital Counseling: $400.00 for four sessions With the Custom Ceremony: $250.00 for four sessions
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 Pre-marital Counseling 
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