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With this ring.

by Beverly Sullivant--NJ Wedding Minister on 09/05/11

When Casey came through the doors of the restaurant at the Stockton Inn (Stockton NJ) and began walking down the aisle to her groom, Chris, it brought a smile across his face. It was the first time he had seen her all day. And, it was the first time he was able to see the gorgeous ball gown style wedding dress she selected. He was overcome. Later, when the two of them said their vows, they each had to hold back tears. 

All of these emotional expressions are common in weddings. They are the moments that reveal the deep significance of the commitment the couple is making.

With Casey and Chris, there was a new, additional version of the emotional moment. It came when Chris was sliding Casey's diamond wedding bands on her finger. While he was doing so, I asked him to repeat after me the words, "Casey, with this ring, I thee wed." 

Silence. And more silence. Chris's head was tilted down toward Casey's hand. 

The silence was broken when Casey nudged Chris's elbow, thereby bringing him out of his strange spell. Chris snapped to attention, shook his head as if "coming to," and finally spoke the vow. Since the entire reaction made the guests break out in laughter, Chris explained. "It looks so nice," he said (meaning the rings).

The rings did look great on Casey's hand. And this couple looked like they really enjoyed their wedding....and each other.

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1. Rev. Carleen said on 10/6/11 - 08:58AM
How beautifully said, Beverly...this is why I chose "With This Ring" for my company name when I first established my wedding services here in SW Michigan.

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