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When Vendors Work Well Together

by Beverly Sullivant--NJ Wedding Minister on 07/23/12

I rarely have an experience of conflict with another vendor at a wedding. But I also rarely have the kind of simpatico chemistry that I had this past Saturday at the wedding of Annalia and Chris at my church in Kinnelon, NJ. 

     Annalia and Chris chose Gary Flom, of www.garyflom.com, as their photographer. Gary introduced himself to me right away and asked very respectfully whether he could use flash photography during the ceremony. This deference to my role as the officiant warmed my heart and compelled me to do what I could to help him have a great experience.
    As things got underway, I noticed that Gary and his second-shooter were able to hit their marks on all of the standard shots--the groom nervously waiting at the front, the bride entering with her father, the flower girl taking a break and sitting down on the steps of the chancel. 
     In fact, Gary and his assistant were so good at what they were doing that I often forgot that they were present. This is a good sign of a great photographer. I'm glad that I didn't completely forget about them, however, because after the candlelighting ceremony, there was a moment I didn't want them to miss.
    Once Annalia and Chris finished lighting their main candle and returned the side candles to their places, the couple walked around the table and stood in their "spot" facing me. I leaned in to them and told them that, since they'd already made their vows, they were now married and any talking between the two of them would be their first marital conversation. This spark a series of passing "sweet nothings" to each other as the "Ave Maria" continued on piano and strings.
    I was enjoying the look of endearment on the faces of the bride and groom and just knew that their expressions would be valuable to Gary. So, I looked over at the photographer and with just a nod and a hand gesture was able to encourage him to come around behind me so he could shoot Annalia and Chris while facing them.
    Gary followed my advice and quietly found a discreet location for capturing some of the most intimate images of this wedding.
     I can't wait to see these pictures!

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