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The Case of the Visualized Wedding

by Beverly Sullivant--NJ Wedding Minister on 05/17/12

One of my recent couples, Christy and Patrick, held their wedding at the Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Gold Resort in Northern, NJ. The Grand Cascades is a great venue for a wedding and Christy and Patrick knew this. They knew it for a long time.

     Grand Cascades had been the sight of many weekend excursions for this New York City based couple. In fact, when Patrick designed his proposal to Christy, he choose to surprise her on one of their trips. Once engaged, and having booked the Lodge for their wedding, the weekend visits became a chance for them to visualize, again and again, how their wedding ceremony and reception would fall into place on their special day. Fortunately for them, on one of the trips, C&P had the chance to observe someone else's wedding. Patrick even captured it on his phone so they could review the processional and the placement of the wedding party many times as they thought about their own.
     The term "creative visualization" has been around for a long time. It refers to the imagining of a desired outcome and then repeatedly rehearsing that outcome to insure the full realization of the outcome desired. According to Wikipedia, a good sports-related example, is when "a golfer may visualize the 'perfect' stroke over and over again to mentally train muscle memory."
     This is what happened with Christy and Patrick's wedding. By viewing other ceremonies, visiting the ceremony and reception sites many times, and looking at the video on Patrick's phone, they rehearsed their dream until it came to fruition on that beautiful day in April. Things fell into place, just as they had imagined.
     Now, if only someone could have anticipated the way the wind would whip Christy's veil around her face, there could have been some creative visualization with that as well.

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