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Sparing the Little White Dress

by Beverly Sullivant--NJ Wedding Minister on 10/06/12

At a recent wedding, I was all set to lead the bridal party down the cascading staircase at the Westwood in Garwood, NJ, when the flower girl came up to me and said, "excuse me," while she handed me a little white item with blood all over it. Her front tooth had just come out. And, after the tooth, a glob of deep-red blood was about to come out as well....all over her pristine, white, flower girl dress.

I had a tissue in my hand so I shoved it into her mouth. Then, I noticed that there was a glass of ice water on a nearby table. I took a piece of ice from the glass and told the little girl to stick it where her tooth used to be. She followed instructions and I was able to continue the line up for the processional.

However, it was too late for me to do something with the tooth, so I ended up holding it in my hand during the ceremony. When everything was over, I returned to the Bridal Suite with the tooth and began searching for a place to leave it. Aha, the ring boxes were there! I put the tooth in one of those boxes and informed the maid of honor (who was the mother of the flower girl) of the tooth's location. 

I don't know if that white dress ended up with chocolate from the cake, or grenadine from a Shirley Temple, on it later during the reception. But I do know there was no blood from a newly-lost tooth all over the dress during the ceremony.

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