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and the Bride wore.....the essence of calm

by Beverly Sullivant--NJ Wedding Minister on 08/16/11

From the first time I met Saturday's bride, Megan, I picked up on her gentle, easy-gait style. A bar-b-que reception at a winery? Okay. Table numbers with canoes? Okay. Groomsmen wearing blue oxford-cloth shirts and khakis? Okay. Megan is just one of those great "take life as it comes and make the best of it" kind of people. Groom, Todd, is the same way.

When I arrived at the Four Sisters' Winery in Belvidere, NJ, well in advance of the ceremony, I was able to observe Megan and Todd as they walked the gravel roads alongside the fields of corn and flowers that were on the property in addition to miles of grape arbors. Photographer Aaron Berger, known for capturing the moment rather than the photo op, was with them as they strolled and, with his assistant, clicked away as the bride and groom chatted about the cupcakes being arranged and the guests arriving early and the bug that flew up against the skirt of Megan's gown.

Megan remained calm through everything. She also held her composure well throughout the ceremony, speaking her declaration and vows audibly and evenly with grace and pride. 

The one moment that was different? That eternal fragment of time when Todd finished sliding the diamond wedding band on Megan's finger. I watched as Megan looked down at the ring, gasped a bit, and beamed with the realization that, with her ring, she was married.

Great bride. Great couple. Great wedding.

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