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Our family of four lives in beautiful southern Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay.  After renting a beach house for 11 years we finally took the plunge and bought our own little piece of Americana, a renovated one-room schoolhouse age unknown. There have been many additions to this little house but the charm of the original structure is still evident particularly in the red brick steps leading to the front door.  We love our little piece of land, which backs to a 250-acre farm and gives us nightly viewings of the American Whitetail Deer and other local wildlife.
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A Bit About Me

by Beverly Sullivant--NJ Wedding Minister on 07/07/11

I've been a small church pastor for many years. I've been with families when they've been richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, to celebrate the births of their children and when death parted them. It gives me a special perspective on the sacred nature of wedding vows. A wedding's not just a party, or even a beautiful ceremony. A wedding is an amazing expression of hope...of faith that we can rise above our frail human natures and create something bigger than the sum of our parts. It's my instinct to be engaged with who you are and what your unique story is.

More than speaking of love, speak of action. What is it that you promise to do and to be, with this person, for the rest of your life? Weave your love story into the story of your wedding to create a meaningful, memorable, and intimate moment for you and for your guests. Make it a moment that you will never forget. I can help you.

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